There are a lot of people who made this project possible and I want to use this page to thank them all. I would first like to thank my family. Without their support and enthusiasm this project would not have been possible. From my family I want to highlight my thanks to my parents, my grandparents, Ana Paula, Ale, and Pablo. I especially want to thank my grandfather who encouraged me to publish these photos. I want to thank my friends from home, especially Alexa Ares, Sofia Israel, and Daniela De Winter. I also want to thank all of my professors at Duke who supported this project. I want to thank Charlie Thompson, Phil Bennett, Alma Blount, Wesley Hogan, Tim Tyson, Colleen Scott, and Carlos Rojas. But I especially want to thank all of the people that I met while I was in Guatemala. Without their support and friendship, I would have never had the chance to explore and fall in love with Guatemala like I did. I especially want to thank Gladys Perez, Guadalupe “Lupe” Paxtor, Aracely Hernández, and Luis Enrique De Leon. I want to thank everyone from CELASmaya and from XelaAid as well.

This project would not have been possible had it not been for all of the people and departments that believed in me at Duke. I especially want to thank the Center for Documentary Studies, Story Lab, and the Baldwin Scholars for providing their support and mentorship. I also want to thank a number of people from Duke who provided their encouragement and excitement. While the list is very long, there are some people that I wanted to acknowledge. They are: Marina Poole, Samantha Huff, Kaley Thornton, Aibi Janat, Richard Philips, Tracey Merz, Izzi Clark, Meredith Davin, Meghana Rao, Autumn Carter, Katie Fernelius, Natalie Markowitz, JV Alencar, Luis Martinez, Ashima Chadha, Ji-Eun Choi, José Valencia, Sid Gopinath, Lexy Lattimore, Gabriela Asturias, Bailey Sincox, Raya Islam, Joe Vosburgh, Kristen Larson, Sai Panguluri, Sweethope Mapatano, Tanner Lockhead, Gloria Tomlinson, Ale Ferrara, Zarah Udwadia, Roberto Sánchez-Lagunes, Jennifer Colton, Evan Bell, Yagmur Menzilcioglu,  and Tunde Abu. 

I am indebted above all to the Guatemalan people who taught me the power of listening and the power of empathy. This is for them.